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the Global Harmonized System For Panafrican Precious Minerals Management (GHS – PANAF – PREMIMA)

The GHS – PANAF – PREMIMA One of the objective of the Global Harmonized System For Panafrican Precious Minerals Management (GHS – PANAF – PREMIMA) is to improve the mineral resources policies, establish appropriate institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks, and invest in human skills, research and development, and geological and geophysical data, that are critical for […]

Creating a mining sector that harnesses the potential of artisanal and small scale mining to advance integrated and sustainable rural socio-economic development

Artisanal and small scale mining is widespread in Africa and exploits a very large number of minerals. These range from diamonds and a variety of other gemstones, to precious metals, such as gold and tantalite, to industrial minerals, including limestone for aggregate and agricultural purposes, clays for pottery and other uses and many other non-metallic […]

Creating a sustainable and well governed mining sector that is inclusive and appreciated by all stakeholders including surrounding communities

Governance refers to the legal and institutional environment in which various actors in the mineral sector interact. Lessons from Africa, and elsewhere, indicate that strong transparent and participatory governance processes, at all levels, can assist mineral-rich countries attain sustainable economic growth and socio-economic development. Public participation legitimizes a project, thus reducing the costs emanating from […]

Creating a mining sector that is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and appreciated by all stakeholders and surrounding communities

The poor management and regulation of negative environmental and social impacts of mining have fuelled criticism and, in some cases, hostile attitudes towards the mining industry and governments among communities affected by mining and a range of civil society organisations. The occurrence of these impacts can be reduced and the effects mitigated, where impacts are […]

Mobilizing mining investment to increase the level of investment flows into mining and infrastructure projects to support broad socio-economic development

A plethora of perceived risk factors, among them political risk, sovereign credit ratings, technical risk, lack of governance etc also tend to limit the levels of investment into mining and infrastructure projects in Africa. This is more so for large scale mining and infrastructure projects with long payback periods. A further limiting factor is that […]

Creating a knowledge driven mining sector that is a key component of a diversified, vibrant and globally competitive industrialising African economy

Updating a historic home can come with challenges (like hidden surprises behind every demolished wall). So we can only imagine the effort required to convert an old With the exception of South Africa, the mineral sector in Africa generates little new knowledge in terms of mining-related products, processes technologies and services. Generally, indicators for the […]

Geological and mineral information systems in Africa

The availability of geological and mineral data allows both the public and private sector to make informed decisions on mineral sector development. The more accessible and the information is, the lower the risk on investment in exploration and mine development. Basic geological information is usually collected and stored by Government Geological Survey Departments, while much […]