Mobilizing mining investment to increase the level of investment flows into mining and infrastructure projects to support broad socio-economic development

A plethora of perceived risk factors, among them political risk, sovereign credit ratings, technical risk, lack of governance etc also tend to limit the levels of investment into mining and infrastructure projects in Africa.

This is more so for large scale mining and infrastructure projects with long payback periods. A further limiting factor is that domestic sources of capital, as well as the private sector, do not fully participate in infrastructure projects to unlock increased mineral project opportunities.

PREMIMA offers a practical approach to public infrastructure investments.

While this would satisfy the current need for additional mine capacity due the high demand for mineral commodities, and mining infrastructure, the additional scope for other economic and social use would accelerate PREMIMA’s pace of development.

As Investors in PREMIMA, you have the opportunity to be a part of its continuous growth and success, fostering sustainable development principles based on environmentally and socially responsible mining, which is safe and includes communities and all other stakeholders.

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